A long, long time ago, in a world far, far, far away from here, there was a mystical place called Desire Books & Records. 

Found amongst the back streets of Manly, Desire Books & Records arose from the belief that books should make you smarter, funnier and a little bit more creative. One day a fair maiden called Julia stumbled across what she thought was just a book store but really it was so much more, it was her happy place.

Julia became a regular visitor to Desire. Over the years Julia got to know the owners, the other regulars plus the shops nooks and crannies and big comfy green chairs.  

She fell in love and hoped that Desire Books & Records would always be open and full of her favourite authors and musicians.

One day the shop went up for sale! A few people spoke of buying Desire, but their intention to keep it an amazing place that sold second hand books and records wasn’t very clear. Would it become a coffee shop? A restaurant? Something completely unrelated to books and records!?! The horror!

Well dear readers, Julia roped in her fellow lover of books all things vintage and of course a good conversation to join her in the Desire Books & Records family. And so it would come to pass that Julia, Ben, Dom and Hayden bought Desire Books and Records and every book lover’s dream of owning a bookshop became a reality. 

The Desire family that have rowdy movie nights, rockin’ open mic nights, writer’s workshops, artist talks, book signings, theatre/creative events and anything else that will provide amusement for all.

And to this day, they all live happily ever after, having heaps of fun, in their home called Desire Books & Records.